Spend some time in a place of surrender

Written by Bre Mitchell


Posted on December 11 2021

Spend some time in a place of surrender…
As I take time to write this I'm very much aware of everything I need to take care of today.  The loads of clothes waiting to be washed.  Gotta get gas.  Drive daughter work.  Clean kitchen and fridge.  Figure out what to eat for dinner.  Work on digital offerings for Brown Girl Self-Care.  Record podcast episodes.  Pee a lot because of all the water I'm drinking.  Remember to eat today.  Allow myself to feel my emotions.
Issa lot!
You are not the enemy but you begin to feel that way when you continue to fight against yourself and speak things over your life and who you are that are harmful, demeaning and untrue.  This is what begins to happen when you are in a constant space of resistance.  You feel like you're at war against yourself and life and everything feels like it's harder and harder to go through.
I'm taking time this weekend to intentionally pause and surrender it all to God.  Because all of those things above are coming from a place of fret, not freedom.  Worry that I need to do all the things, be all the things, have all the things.  You may be feeling exactly how I feel and I want you to know it doesn't mean you are weak or weird but instead know that it's ok to surrender.
To me, that looks like…
  • NOT trying to control everything.  
  • NOT being stressed the hell out 
  • NOT believing you'll only be successful if you overwork, overthink and over plan everything.
  • Speaking words of faith and affirmation over your life
  • Tuning out distractions and entering a space of stillness and submission before God.


  1. Take some time to get quiet and ask yourself what life would look like if you consistently made room for surrender.  
  2. How would it feel to let go of some of the things you are holding onto?  
  3. How would your life change if you operated from a place of more peace and flow? What is one thing you can bring to God and leave in his hands?


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