1-to-1 Self-Care Coaching


Book your first session here: 1-to1 Self-Care Coaching

 This booking is for 1-to-1 self-care, healing   and mindset support with Bre, Founder of Brown Girl Self-Care. This 30-day package includes (1) 60 minute session, (2) 30 minute follow up sessions as well as supportive check-ins during the month via Marco Polo.

These sessions are for Black women who:

  • Have a hard time extending grace to themselves
  • Have not yet learned how to consistently speak words of affirmation over their lives
  • Need coping skills to make it in (or out of) Corporate America in one whole piece
  • Are on the verge of burnout
  • Are always the "strong friend" no one checks on 
  • Are high performers who need a support system and hype-woman to tap into on a regular basis
  • Don't know where to begin with self-care and healing but know they are ready to get started immediately
  • Need help unlearning harmful habits rooted in racism, oppression and capitalism
  • Need help getting unstuck so that they can continue blooming as a woman, mom, employee or entrepreneur

If any of the above sounds like where you are right now, then these private sessions are for you.

Book your first session here: 1-to1 Self-Care Coaching