Brittny Horne On Ignoring Red Flags In Your Career, Dealing With Microagression And Being Ok With Taking Risks

Written by Bre Mitchell


Posted on May 16 2022

 In this episode of the podcast I am in conversation with Brittny Horne, Founder of RVL Wellness, a self-care puzzle company created specifically for Black women.  

During our time together here are some of the points we talked about: 

  • How Brittny decided to take a huge risk by living in another country at a young age and if it paid off 
  • Working in a toxic job and how she ignored the red flags in the pursuit of making money 
  • Questioning herself to the point of having panic attacks and how she reclaimed her life
  • How doing puzzles with her grandmother nurtured her spirit
  • Why she decided to start a puzzle company that featured Black art  

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Support for our sponsor:

This episode was sponsored by RVL Wellness Co., a small black woman-owned puzzle company located in Charlotte, NC.

RVL (pronounced Revel) Wellness Co. was founded to provide Black women a luxe self-care experience through dedicated quiet time and mindfulness products.

Founder, Brittny Horne, understood the pressure on Black women to be booked and busy without prioritizing their wellness. She started RVL as a reminder to pause and enjoy an intended moment of calm through puzzling.

They're on a mission to elevate both the personal and professional well-being of Black women. Their mindfulness products feature curated collections from Black female artists and reflect the values, dreams, and joy in our life experience. They believe art should be savored and design puzzles to be framed and used as home decor. 

Whether you have time for a mini wellness break or a full day for quiet time, they have a range of puzzles for you to bask in your peaceful moment. Renew your energy with their handmade puzzles available in 48, 120, or 300 pieces.

It’s your right to settle in and show love to yourself through intentional downtime. They're here to help you revel in it, piece by piece.

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