4 Ways To Stop Undervaluing Yourself

Written by Bre Mitchell


Posted on February 01 2021


Episode takeaways:

Recently I sent out an email to the BGSC community to let you know just how worthy and amazing you are, and that resulted in me receiving a ton of messages in my inbox. 

Ladies in the community replied back saying things like, "Man, I really needed this today, I was struggling" or, just "thank you so much for saying these words."

I want to talk about some ways that I've recognized that I undervalued myself that you may be doing right now:

1 - We don't recognize the gifts and talents that we have and how valuable they are.  Or we ignore them completely, because they aren't "perfect."

TIP: Valuing the things that you either had to learn how to do, or things that come naturally to you.  Realize that you have the goods!

2 - We undercharge for our services and products or don't ask for a raise

TIP: Raise your rates.  Speak up for yourself and request that raise you've been waiting on for years.

3 - We treat ourselves like trash or leftovers

TIP: Value who you are, take care of your body and speak life over yourself.  Treat yourself like you are worth something.

4 - We wait around for somebody to give us the nod that that says we are important.

TIP: We don't need anybody else's validation to love ourselves the way that we deserve. We don't need anyone's high five or approval to now justify us taking care of ourselves the way that we deserve.

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