Work With Bre

Hello!  My name is Bre and I'm the Founder of Brown Girl Self-Care Co.

After experiencing traumatic incidents, including the violent death of a family member as well as a painful myomectomy that left me hospitalized unexpectedly for days,  I decided to get serious and really hone in on prioritizing myself.  Searching online for blogs, podcasts, youtube channels to help me take my self-care practice more seriously left me frustrated because I couldn't find enough women in the space that I could relate to and that looked like me.  This lead me to creating my own routines, reading motivational books, listening to educational podcasts and owning my self-care.

In 2019 I kicked my self-care into overdrive and doing so allowed me the courage to quit my job in September.  I knew that I was worth being treated with fairness, honesty and respect, things that were lacking at my previous place of employment.  And knowing that self-care gave me the courage to take such a huge step, I knew that I could connect with other Black women and encourage them to take bold acts of courage for themselves too.