Body Complete RX

Samia Gore, Founder and CEO of Body Complete RX

What is Body Complete RX?

Body Complete RX is a wellness brand of plant-based supplements that make living a healthy lifestyle much easier.  In our online shop we offer vitamins, powders and kits created to help women thrive, manage their weight and GLOW!!  For example, our RESTORE Collagen Powder delivers exactly what the skin needs to stay hydrated, nourished and firm. 

Why did you start Body Complete RX?  

I'm a mom of four, author and healthy lifestyle advocate! Being so busy, it was hard to take good care of myself — eating healthy, getting proper rest, exercising, pampering myself- it just wasn’t happening. I searched for plant-based supplements I could use as a system to jumpstart a healthier lifestyle and support my self-care journey. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for in the market, I worked with a team of experts, including a Black woman Nutritionist, to create Body Complete Rx.

What's something everyone should know about Body Complete RX?

We formulate everything with the complete wellness journey of women in mind and have been credited with changing the lives of thousands of consumers worldwide.  As of August 2021 you'll be able to find us in The Vitamin Shoppe which is huge because we will be the first Black female-owned brand to launch in the retailer’s weight management category.

Where can we go to start our glow up and also learn more?
Facebook: Body Complete RX
Instagram: Body Complete RX