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Hello!  My name is Bre and I'm the Founder of Brown Girl Self-Care Co.

After experiencing traumatic incidents, including the violent death of a family member as well as a painful myomectomy that left me in the hospital unexpectedly,  I decided to really hone in on prioritizing myself.  Searching online for blogs, podcasts, youtube channels to help me take my self-care practice more seriously left me frustrated because I couldn't find enough women in the space that I could relate to and that looked like me.   

Black women are constantly having to squeeze themselves into spaces that aren't interested in diversity or understanding our narratives.  This is not only disheartening but it's also dangerous to our mental, spiritual and physical well-being.  We are expected to be Superwoman, but I've come to learn over and over that I am not and I don't believe you are either.  We need rest.  We need care.  We need time to commune with other women, sister-friends, so that we can connect, laugh and learn from each other. 

The notions that self-care is for "other people and is a luxury to be dabbled in when the time allows need to be tossed aside .  The time to collectively take care of ourselves starts right now, today.  I view self-care the way I view a business.  You know, like the job you put in 40+ hours a week for.  Or the children you love on every day and run their schedules (piano class, soccer, dental appointments) like a well-oiled machine.  It is time to see self-care as more than occasional pedi's and brunches.  Self-care isn't for punks!!!  It's a whole situation. 

Brown Girl Self-Care Co.'s  vision is to ensure that self-care is no longer something we only briefly think about in our community. Through shared conversations, local events and products created with you in mind, my goal is for us to explore and develop habits and routines that will ensure we continuously make our health, spiritual growth and happiness a priority.  As we continue to share our experiences we'll create a space for other women of color to feel more confident in taking care of themselves and making their needs a priority. too.

On these pages you will find blog articles, podcast sessions, products and events that highlight our theme of self-care for you and for women that look like you.  Everything has been written, said or offered with your care and keeping in mind.  If there are topics you'd like to see discussed, products you'd like to see offered or even just want to pass along a note please send an email to me at

"Self-care" is not just a hashtag, it's a way to thrive and flourish.  Let's do more of that consistently.  


Founder, Brown Girl Self-Care Co.

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