Brown Girl Self-Care exists because Black women deserve to be prioritized.

Every day, Black women go toe-to-toe with oppressive systems deeply rooted in marginalization, colonization, racism, capitalism and patriarchy. On top of that we have families that need us, bills that are piling up, and corporate America jobs to go to where we usually feel overlooked and stereotyped.  Is it any surprise Black women are feeling unheard, unsupported and stretched thin?Constantly being in a state of "fight" is not just exhausting it's also physically, mentally and emotionally toxic.  


Brown Girl Self-Care's mission is to affirm and uplift Black women as they do the important work of resting, healing and living abundantly. 




Hey, hey!! I'm Bre, Founder of Brown Girl Self-Care and Host of the Brown Girl Self-Care Podcast. It is my mission to help advance the healing and prioritization of Black women because I am a Black woman. 

Here are a few fun facts about me:
I'm on fire for Christ.  Like a HUGE Jesus stan
On sunny days you can find me re-learning how to roller skate
I usually only wear black or shades of gray
Chips, guac and wine for the win
I can't dance worth a lick but that doesn't stop me from getting my grove on
I've watched The Office from start to finish about 8 times now