A Holistic Vibe

Beatrice Walker, Founder of A Holistic Vibe

Can you tell us more about you and A Holistic Vibe?

I'm an IIN certified holistic health practitioner, and my services include nutritional and lifestyle coaching for people looking to make significant changes to their overall health. By using a holistic approach I help my clients take a 360 view of their health, including emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellness. I’m also a registered vinyasa yoga teacher, and I combine teachings of yoga, meditation, and breath work into my practice as well.

What has your own journey to better wellness been like?

In my journey I experienced challenges like severe anxiety attacks, countless sleepless nights, maintaining a consistent weight, and constantly worrying about the next “problem” I had formed in my mind. After finally saying "Enough!" I began to studying mindfulness techniques, and incorporating meditation to help manage my anxiety. I joined a gym, and became committed to creating a consistent, healthy, physical practice. I went to therapy, and I discovered a love for yoga, which led me on the path to getting my yoga teaching certification. I became intentional and conscious about every aspect of my health and it was like a veil had been lifted!


What ways can you support us on our wellness journeys to better health?

I offer packages that support you and meet you where you are.  They include coaching services, unlimited e-mail support, pantry makeovers for healthier eating and personalized wellness plans.  Also, on my website I provide healthy and delicious recipes that don't take hours to prepare.

Do you offer a free consultation to get started?

Yes, I do.

How can we connect with you to learn more?

Facebook: A Holistic Vibe
Instagram: A Holistic Vibe