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Self-Care Affirmation Candle

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 Seinabo sings it best - "I owe you nothing."  We aren't offering up apologies for setting boundaries, loving ourselves or getting to where the healing resides.  Our self-care candle is like Black Girl magic in a jar with it's blend of cocoa butter, cedarwood and vanilla tonka.

Affirmation reads -

"i make no apologies or excuses for prioritizing my well-being."

Candle Care-

*To avoid sooting or dark jars we advise extinguishing the flame every three hours,  then trimming the wick before relighting.

*For safety never move or touch a candle while lit as it will be hot.

*For safety never leave a candle unattended or use while sleeping.  Also, keep away from children and pets.

*Make sure candle is on heat resistant surface when in use.

*We don't advise burning a candle all the way down.  Leave about 1/4" of wax in the jar.

*Do not use candle in drafty spaces or place in front of fans, etc.

*If the flame dances too high or excessively flickers, extinguish the flame,  allow candle to cool and then trim down the wick.


Candles Are Hand Crafted By Bre.  PLEASE ALLOW 10-12 Business Days For Your Order To Ship.