The SHG Community, LLC (Simple Holistic Girl)

Serena Smith-Williams, Founder of Simple Holistic Girl

What were the beginnings of your holistic, healing journey?

Stumbling upon natural health was no accident. Even though I had an extensive background in pharmaceutical and clinical research I was already in the mindset of natural health and didn’t even know it.
As a person living with Crohn’s I’ve always tried dealing with it with meds only as needed, eventually being able to get off meds for the past 7 or so years.
I am one that truly believes we can use integrative ways to improve our health and our bodies will let us know when those ways are working.


Why did you start the Simple Holistic Girl business?

I started this business first as a massage therapist and personal trainer. It evolved into holistic nutrition and natural health, including non-toxic living, after learning more about the toxins in our everyday products from a course I took. These toxic chemicals make us more vulnerable to otherwise preventable diseases. I'm also a mom so reducing our whole family's toxic exposure is important to me. 

What can we find over at Simple Holistic Girl that can help us on our self-care journey?

You'll find a lot of inspiration for healthier living, like the Simple Holistic Girl blog that help moms live a healthier lifestyle, including reducing our toxic exposure.  Black women and women of color are more prone to being exposed to toxic products and also kids are more vulnerable than adults. 
You'll also find helpful guides, such as my "Essential Oils 101 Guide" or "75 Simple Smoothie Recipes for Real People," written to help reduce our exposure to toxins that can wreak havoc on our health and general wellbeing. 


Where can we go to learn more?
Facebook: Simple Holistic Girl
Instagram: Simple Holistic Girl