Self-Care Manifesto

Black women have been conditioned to sacrifice their happiness, dreams and health for others for centuries.  Many of us have put everything we need on indefinite hold because we are required to put others before us.  If we don't do this we are labeled angry, worthless, lazy, miserable, problematic and a host of other things.  Growing up we saw what our mommas, aunties, big mommas, grandmothers and great grandmothers went through to keep the lights on, their bosses off their backs, their children provided for and their men happy.  There was no self-care for Black women.  We were expected to work, keep everything in line and do it with a smile that showed .


Here is the Brown Girl Self-Care Manifesto-


It is my right to:

Be a human BEING and not just a human "doing."  Allow myself to ask others for help without shame.  Stay on top of my wellness appointments.  Not allow others to dictate my schedule. Be patient with myself.  Say "no" as needed for self-preservation.  Love myself unconditionally and not wait until I'm "perfect."  Start over again when I feel it's the right thing to do. Normalize luxury and abundance. Be unapologetically me.  Speak up for myself.  No longer people please.  End relationships that are harmful to my mental health.  Set boundaries and expect them to be respected.  Give my body and spirit the rest and sleep I deserve without calling myself lazy.  Seek therapy even if just for maintenance.  Pamper myself because I'm worth it.  Speak to myself with love and kindness.  Dream big dreams and seek them in faith.  Do things that bring me huge joy.