Tamiqua Whittaker, CEO of Queen Kisses

What is Queen Kisses?

Queen Kisses is an all natural, luxury lip care line.  We create luxurious lip exfoliators, lip balms and lip masks for Queens and Kings.

Where did the idea of making luxe products for lips come from?

I'm a 36 yr old wife of 9yrs, mom of a 6yr old genius that loves rainbows and unicorns. I've also been a licensed dental assistant for 10yrs now and my husband convinced me to find a way to 'pay myself' before seeking a 2nd job for more income. My brand was born out of the need for an all natural solution to dry lips, as I would notice that as patients leave their checkups, dry lips were hard to avoid.

 What sets your lip care line apart from other brands?

All products are coconut oil/sugar based and handcrafted by me. Also, our mantra -"Let Queen Kisses exfoliate away your insecurities and replenish your confidence to QUEEN STATUS"- encompasses QUEEN TALK, speaking positive affirmations over ourselves and our situations, so you can manifest the Queen that's in YOU and walk in your true QUEENDOM.

Where can we shop Queen Kisses and also see more?

Facebook: Queen Kisses
Instagram: Queen Kisses