Teena Marie, Founder of LIFETRIP Coaching 

How did you end up making the leap from Corporate America to becoming a Life and Health Coach?

I started Coaching because after hopping from one corporate job to another, I knew something had to give. All my corporate careers centered around mentoring, advising, recruiting, and career development. I loved it! I began to wonder why I wasn’t doing the same for myself. I let go of fear and started my own business and it was one of the BEST decisions ever!


If we are struggling with achieving a healthier weight because we just can't stop beating ourselves up mentally, what is your approach?

As a Certified Health Coach, I teach how to first eliminate the mental weight that has many of us remaining mentally obese. Once we trim that down, then we focus on the body and nutritional needs. It flows from there and I help others learn and accept what healthy means for them and how to achieve it!


Do you personally have experience making necessary changes to live a healthier lifestyle?

​In October of 2020, I sat in my Doctor's office and braced myself for some news I was not expecting to hear. I was morbidly obese weighing in at 288.2 lbs. My blood pressure was a very scary 160/98. I was now being prescribed, for the first time in my life...blood pressure medication.
Interestingly, I knew I needed to lose weight, but I had no idea it was this bad. In November my course changed for the better as I mapped out a new route to take my Lifecar...something had to shift. I am now down 30 pounds!! I still have a long way to travel, but my focus is on how far I have come! Health Coaching helped me exterminate the weight on my mind so I could then and ONLY then move on to my body. I am thrilled to help others do the same!! 

If someone is interested in working with you do you offer a free consultation to get started?

Yes, absolutely!

Where can we learn more about getting our own LIFETRIP started?
Facebook: LIFETRIP Coaching LLC
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