Kara Maree Botanical

Chelsey Ramlochan, Co-Founder of Kara Maree Botanical

How did Kara Maree Botanical come to be?

After years of suffering from eczema and pityriasis roses, I started to turn towards natural medicine for relief. I found that botanical oils and ingredients brought positive results and most importantly, made me feel happier in my own skin. This in turn brought about a curiosity to delve deeper into the world of natural healing and thus my sister (Alyssa) and I (Chelsey) turned towards our island and southern roots and started Kara Maree Botanical.

Where did you draw inspiration from when starting the brand?

Kara Maree Botanical is a culmination of our Trinidadian and Creole roots, both in name and in offerings. “Kara” meaning “pure” and “Maree” meaning of “of the sea” highlighting the botanical nature of our products and our Caribbean background. Our inspiration for Kara Maree came from the familial remedies and rituals that we grew up with. Our paternal grandfather from Trinidad always had aloe vera growing in his backyard and it was his answer for every ailment, illness, or the like. Our maternal grandparents from Louisiana had a homemade remedy for anything from ear aches to hair loss. 

What skin-nurturing products can we find in your line?

Currently we offer three items.  We have our best-selling facial serum which invokes healing and hydration for all skin types.  Up next, our Revival Clay Mask is designed with all skin types in mind, but is especially beneficial to those prone to skin irritations. Last but definitely not least, our Restore Body Oil creates an all-day hydration layer to restore and protect dry, irritated, flaky, and sensitive skin.

Where can we go to find out more and shop?

Facebook: Kara Maree Botanical
Instagram: Kara Maree Botanical