I Pour My Art Into It LLC

Shonna Foster, Founder of I Pour My Art Into It LLC

Can you tell us a bit about your beginnings and what you did before discovering your gift for artistry?

I was born in Barbados, West Indies and have been in the US since I was two years old.  After completing my Masters in Social Work at Howard University in 2007 I moved to Maryland. I’ve worked for DC Government for almost 12 years in various roles as well as with a private agency providing ABA services part-time to children on the Autism Spectrum. 

When did you begin to paint and create such beautiful canvas artwork?

I began my art journey January 2020, and instantly realized it was my passion and at times also my therapy.  I just fell in love with the endless possibilities of the paint, paintbrush and canvas. Once I began transforming my skills and creating different types of abstract art from geode to fluid art and more, I started showcasing my work on social media. This lead to me obtaining an LLC and starting my business in April of 2020.

Is it possible to purchase your artwork for home or office environments?

Yes!  Absolutely!  I have several pieces available in a variety of sizes to fit any space. 

Where are you located?

Currently I reside in MD with my husband and dog, Rocko.

Where can we learn more and see more of your work?

Facebook: I Pour My Art Into It LLC
Instagram: I Pour My Art Into It LLC