Tiyanna Washington on Taking Back Your Life When Your Periods are Out of Control

When your menstrual cycle is out of control how do you feel and what the heck do you do?!!?!?  Heavy periods are very common for black women and they can get so bad that our lives can be turned upside down and even ruined.   We are missing days from work, fighting with doctors to help us (and not just use us for insurance money) and overall mentally depleted with the ever raging red war. 

Listen in today while I chat and share with Tiyanna Washington.  Tiyanna is a NYC-based licensed social worker and youth mental health advocate recognized for her mental health advocacy and community service.  She has worked within the school system servicing youth diagnosed with emotional disturbances, behavioral-conduct disorders, and severe cognitive and learning delays.  While working through the challenges of assisting our youth she has also had to deal with super heavy periods which left her drained. 

Click play to listen as we share our experiences, plus Tiyanna gives us some takeaways that helped change the course of her cycles.

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