Sierra Brown on Surviving Sexual Trauma And Growing Up As One Of a Few Black Kids In Her Community

Sierra Brown is the owner and operator of Melanin Well, LLC; a health and wellness coaching company, where she helps women of color (and those that love us) lose weight and live well with ease, confidence and conviction.  She also happens to be a West Virginia native, former college basketball player, and the oldest of 6 children.  It's these experiences, as well as a health scare (left renal vein thrombosis) her senior year of college, that made her the wellness-obsessed black woman she is today.

 Sierra blogs over at about her experiences as a black woman, including her path to healing from sexual trauma as well as what life was like growing up as one of only a few black kids in her class and community and how she overcame her environment.

Want to learn more about Sierra?  You can find her here:


Facebook Group (Where you can also find out more about Melanin Well Academy)

Website (Where you can also find out more about Melanin Well Academy)

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