Lyvonne Proverbs on "Surthriving" When the Monster in Your House is Your Father

Sexual abuse and violence against women runs rampant in the U.S. as well as other countries around the world.  How do we work through this when it's a parent or relative that violates us? In our community is it ok to talk to our children about ownership of their bodies and that "no means no?"

Today I am speaking with Pastor Lyvonne Proverbs, a New York City native, body and sex-positive preacher, transformational speaker, poet, educator, and creative social entrepreneur working to end #ChurchToo. An Emmy-award-winning media producer, plus featured in Essence as well as Cosmopolitan, Pastor Lyvonne is the founder of beautiful scars (@WereSurthrivors), an online storytelling agency focused on trauma, healing, and resiliency. She is committed to eradicating childhood sexual abuse having dealt with it not once but TWICE in her lifetime.

Listen in as we sit down, get as comfortable as we can with a topic like this and share our experiences as well as our journeys to healing.  

*Trigger Warning/Strong Language.  This is a #realtalk type of conversation*

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