Create Your Best Vision Board Ever!

If you aren't creating a vision board this year because you lack direction or the boards you created in the past didn't leave you feeling like the goals were attainable have a listen to todays episode.  I'll be sharing a few tips and things to think about when it comes to making your board that will help inspire you to whip out your magazines, scissors and glue and start your board today!


  • Erica

    Well Hello Bre thank you for sharing your vision board ideas, I am excited to start mines I did one in the past but I didn’t have the right mind set or really wasn’t sure about my goals but I believe I have grown somewhat since then and want to achieve some things in life. I always start things and don’t finish feeling not good enough or looking at someone else and lack of support but once again I’m glad I found brown girl self care because your never too old to learn or grow have a great night!

  • Arica

    This is awesome. I found myself wanting to create a vision board but because I want to be very intentional when I created my board. I procrastinated because I had no vision.I did know that I wanted to be intentional post making a board.
    To me creating a vision board was a tangible way of connecting to fasting.
    Which for some reason goes together for me. Maybe because during the times Ive fasted Ive felt the same way about being intentional.
    Thanks for this.

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