Candace Wilkins on How Anxiety and Trauma Can Cause You to Never Finish What You Start

This is an incredible episode!  I had the pleasure of chatting with Candace Wilkins, Blogger, Minister and Author "Letters to the Finishers."  She shared about her to decision to put off college and how trying to stick to the wrong path to success lead to anxiety and pressure.  Also, she shares more about how overwhelm can cause us to start a ton of things but never finish them.  If you are a quitter or procrastinator this show is for you.

** One thing to note is that on this day I was having audio issues so, if you notice a bit of overlap or me laughing in weird places just chalk it up to a glitch. **  Don't miss the message because it will bless you.

If you'd like to catch up with Candace you can check her out here:

Letters to the Finishers (this is an affiliate link which means I may earn a small percentage if you purchase)




  • Charlotte Bryant

    This episode and Guest Speaker, Candace Wilkins was so helpful and informative. Thank you so much!

  • Candice

    Thank you for this. I felt like I was talking to myself.

  • Candice

    Thank you for this. I felt like I was talking to myself.

  • Monia

    This message has officially changed my life! For so long I thought I was weird or crazy because I just would not, could not finish my projects. I’d start and they’d be going well and I’d just stop. I now have a project that I cannot give up on because my sons future depends on the success. I have to finish! And this message lets me know I am not alone and that I can finish. And Candace am I totally with you on the degree thing. The guilt of not having it because my older sister was the first and I placed it on my self to not let it stop with her. Meanwhile my twin is 100% against and like you, I keep telling her to write book because her purpose is not in her degree! I’ve sent her the podcast and I’ve ordered your book. She’s getting it after me. Thank you so much for your story!

  • Brittany

    This podcast is so on point!

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