2020 Won't Be Ashy With These 6 Things

We all want to start 2020 off on the best foot, right?  I surely do!  As I sit here typing, there's a dead plant on my desk that is a great way to sum up how the last few months of the year were: ashy and parched.  RIP Plant!!  There were some highlights but there were definitely some areas where I could have done better and gone harder.  With that said, here are a few things I am doing/will be doing for the new year.  

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  • Toynia Edmond

    Thank you for your continued Podcast. I share them every Sunday in the FB Group I created for Domestic Violence Survivors who are also Brown Girls. We’re all learning to center our care :)

  • NIchole

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity. I’m thinking that it might be important to focus on topic a bit more. Months in, people may lose interest due to the extra fillers. I hope it isn’t taken offensive and as positive feedback.

  • Althea Cooper

    Thank you For All The Positive Posts During 2019! Looking forward To 2020 & All That It Will Bring! Happy New Year to All My Brown Girls!

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