The Tea On Vanlife As A Single Black Woman W/ Nomad Crystal Vanner

Written by Bre Mitchell


Posted on June 25 2021

Ever wondered if the nomad life was for you? My special guest, Crystal Vanner of is here to drop some gems about her experiences as a "vanner" for over five years.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How having the "perfect" window (a change in her relationship status) gave her the push to go for it immediately
  • How she makes money to sustain the lifestyle
  • Her successful hack for using the restroom while on the road
  • Food habits that help maintain her health
  • Getting her therapists blessing
  • Why you should start with weekend trips in your car first

Ways to follow/connect with Crystal:

Watch Crystals adventures on her Youtube Channel by clicking here!

Her Website: Nomad 4 Less

Her Instagram: Crystal Vanner

Resources mentioned:

African Americans That RV and Camp

African American Singles That RV and Camp

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    Posted by Tracey | September 02, 2021
  • Great platform and awesome topic. Crystal is phenomenal and is a wealth of knowledge. It’s great to be connected to a community who get your need for freedom and as Angela Davis says, “Radical Self-Care”. Thank you for bringing it!

    Posted by Carla Walker | September 02, 2021
  • WoW…🎉🎉 What a Great Interview!!! Thanks for Sharing…😊😊 We, Solo-Queens love this Info and we are"Truly Grateful"…(..🚙🚙.)

    Posted by Gwen Moore | September 02, 2021
  • Thank you SO MUCH Bre for allowing me the space to share my story with you and your community! It was my pleasure to chat with with you. If your community wants a part two, I’m down to share even more or answer their individual questions.

    Posted by Crystal Vanner | September 02, 2021
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