Liberating Our Bodies w/ Dietician and Author Jessica Wilson

Written by Bre Mitchell


Posted on August 03 2023

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Hey, Sistren! Press "play" and join me as I connect with the brilliant Clinical Dietician and Author, Jessica Wilson, who wrote the transformative book, "It's Always Been Ours: Rewriting the Story of Black Women's Bodies."

Together, we will dive into an eye-opening journey to peel back the layers on the impact of white supremacy and how it shapes the relationship that Black women have with their bodies. In this conversation we talk about food, body image, self-perception and food respectability. Unpacking the effects of survival mode on our food choices and body acceptance, Jessica sheds light on the urgent need for healing and transformation. We are in need of liberation and conversations like this one are a great way to empower ourselves while challenging the harmful, oppressive norms we have to deal with every single day (which is EXHAUSTING).

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