This Is My Self-Care Manifesto

I created a manifesto because for the longest time I didn’t feel like I was in control of my life or my emotions.  I was frazzled, depressed, anxious and big mad all the time.  Scratch that.  I was SUPER mad all the time.  Mad because I wasn’t saying “no” enough, mad because I allowed others to dump on me then run, and I wasn’t being honest with myself (or others) about how I felt or what was bothering me.  I covered and concealed everything like a pro which ultimately because exhausting and stressful AF.

Let me tell you something, that all went out the window once I understood just how valuable I am.  I stopped agreeing just to get along, or committing to things I didn’t feel like doing just to save someone’s feelings.  Listen, I now tell my mama no and do things like get off the phone if she starts going off on a tangent about something I don’t want to discuss.  Do you understand how huge it is to tell ya mama no?!?!?

We don’t do enough of that and that needs to stop.  You can support your loved ones without draining yourself dry.  You can speak up for yourself and not worry if others feel you are too outspoken.  You can love and do for yourself without guilt or worry that you aren’t doing enough for everyone else.  You can take a nap just because and not feel the need to justify it or making excuses for why you did in the first place.

The moment you start believing and treating yourself as if your care and keeping (emotional, physical, etc) matters is the moment that you take back the power you unknowingly gave away.  For years black women have had their power beaten out of them, stolen, shushed and shamed away.  Take it back, sis.  Declare it and own it.

Thank you for prioritizing yourself,


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  • Christy

    Thanks for all that you do 😘😘😘😘 I needed this. You & Iyanla V. Is a blessing to me. If you only knew my prayers. Man I see God working 😢😀😍

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