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Mental Health App, "The Safe Place" For The Black Community

Posted on January 20 2019

Mental Health App, "The Safe Place" For The Black Community

Have you ever struggled with depression or anxiety or other serious mental health concerns but didn't know who to reach out to to help you work through those feelings?  Or even worse felt like you shouldn't bring it up at all because perhaps friends and family wouldn't understand or want to even "go there?"

Thankfully, there is a free app, The Safe Place (available on iTunes and Google Play) that was created to bring mental health awareness and resources to our community with zero judgement attached.


The Safe Place app, created by Mental Health Advocate and Motivational Speaker Jasmin Pierre, shines the light on topics such as PTSD, Suicide and Post Partum Depression, offers self assessment questions, a black therapist directory, inspirational videos and even a private Facebook group. 

The Safe Place app doesn't intend to take the place of consulting with a medical professional but it does provide a helpful tool for us that will hopefully bring about more awareness and discussion to our community about what mental health is, why it is important, ways to get assistance and also that you aren't alone.


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