Likes Don’t Equal Love

Yes, you read that correctly. The likes (and shares and hype) we give and receive on social media does not translate into how loved you we are, what our value is in society and more importantly how good we feel about ourselves.

As we make our way through the Christmas madness and the new year (yay for 2020!!) while posting pics, selling products and the like, I hope that you continue to shift the narrative playing over and over on a never ending loop that the more you are seen and recognized, the more you are accepted and loved.

Black women are innovators, creators and thinkers. Since we are wired for greatness and achievements it’s not surprising that we desire top positions in our career and to leave legacies for future generations. While many of us are building businesses, brands and even “friends” lists at times we look to social media for proof that we are doing all the right things.

This Christmas I hope the best gift you give yourself is permission to hop off the “popularity plane” and instead seek the best type of validation, your own. Figure out ways to affirm how wonderful you truly are and the hustle for outside approval will become a secondary treat, like marshmallows on top of an awesome hot cocoa, and not a primary goal. 

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