It's National Do Something Nice Day!

Hey, boo!

Did you know that today, October 5th, is "National Do Something Nice Day?"  I'm not sure where the holiday came from, and it is a bit random (though National Foam Rolling Day and National Lost Sock Day take the cake on that) but I'm totally here for it.  

There's nothing like making someone else's day.  Random acts of kindness are huge in my book and if you love to see someone's face light up you know there aren't too many things that feel better than that.  So in honor of National Do Something Day here are a few things you can do that will bring a little joy to another person which in turn will leave you with all the feels.

  1. Buy a round of drinks on your next girlfriend get together.
  2. Surprise an old friend with a phone call.
  3. Hold the elevator for the chick that's trying to run and catch it while juggling her laptop bag, frappe, car keys and cellphone (I've been there!).
  4. Leave flowers on your co-workers desk anonymously.
  5. Volunteer at your local shelter or soup kitchen.
  6. Watch your mate play video games without him/her even asking.
  7. Smile at the next person you cross paths with.
  8. Tickle your child until you're both cracking up with laughter.
  9. If you have a few dollars to spare buy dinner for the homeless gentleman/woman you always see on your way home.
  10. Reward yourself with a nice, long, hot bath.

This list is not all inclusive but hopefully it helped you think of a few ways to spread some love today.  And yes, number ten is in fact all about you.  There is nothing wrong, in fact, there is everything right with spending some time being nice to yourself.  It's a form of self-care that boosts your spirit, brings you peace and makes you feel loved.

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