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Don’t Be a Salty Witch: Choosing A Healthy Mood & Attitude for the Holidays

Posted on October 31 2018

Don’t Be a Salty Witch: Choosing A Healthy Mood & Attitude for the Holidays

Halloween is today, Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and the next thing you know Christmas parties will be upon us. Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit but I don’t seem to have much time to prepare my mind for the okey-doke that is the holidays, and neither do you.  We may find ourselves being salty witches during the holiday rush (well, maybe I’m just speaking for myself), especially when all the parties, money spending and long hours come flying our way. For these reasons it’s a huge part of self-care to prepare for what is to come.

Now is the time to set the standards of what you will and will not do, begin your regime of gratitude, and focus on maintaining a healthy mood which will in turn make your body feel so much better.  Let me drop this truth, the holidays used to give me anxiety.  All the decorations, costumes, parties, shopping, money to spend, family gatherings, and strangers in good moods weren’t always what I needed after a long day of work and responsibilities. Yet, I have learned over the years that I am in control of my emotions and what I subject myself to. I don’t have to participate in everything, and I can stay filled with joy and contentment with my life during these last 3 busy months of the year.

I CHOOSE to be happy, healthy, and hopeful, and that’s the bottom line. Can you choose to be in a positive mood?  Can you choose to have a healthy holiday season this year?  Can you choose not to stress yourself beyond the point of comfort for everyone else?  I say you can.  Your self-care comes first.

Halloween and Thanksgiving are not the first priorities. Christmas is up ahead and you can focus on that when it gets closer. Take your time. Do what you can. If you couldn't make a costume, buy one. If you don’t feel like passing out candy, don’t. If you simply want to visit a pumpkin patch, sip hot chocolate, and enjoy your family-----Do THAT! Make this the year you do what it takes to be happy and healthy regardless of everything going on around you.

Here are some holiday season hacks:

1. Say no to things that drain your energy including wearing ugly sweaters (if you don't want to) or buying your kid that 87th lego set for Christmas she doesn't need.

2. Build a tradition that makes you happy and doesn't burn you out.  This year my daughter and I are buying footed pj's and planning a Christmas movie marathon, Elf included.

3. Keep a gratitude journal and write every day.

4. Set a boundary for how long you'll be out in the mayhem, because cutting someone in Walmart on Black Friday might get you into a bit of trouble.

5. Be sure to drink your water, get your nails done, eat your avocado, and mind your business (I mean this in a good way).

You’ve got this! No salty witches allowed this holiday season. Choose to be the magical brown girl who takes care of herself and in turn cuts out a huge amount of stress plus it saves the Black Friday shoppers you'll certainly encounter that have clearly lost their minds.





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