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12 Blogs, Podcasts And Channels Every Brown Girl Should Know About

Posted on September 30 2018

12 Blogs, Podcasts And Channels Every Brown Girl Should Know About

 Self-care is finding the people who can see the world through your eyes. When it comes to finding our happy place and learning more about who we are, we have to connect with others who JUST GET US! At Brown Girls Self Care Co., we want to make sure you have all the deets you need to live your best life, sis. So, we have a full list of blogs, podcasts, and YouTube channels to put on your self-care agenda.

Blogs You Have to Read

1. Afrobella (a blog for all things natural, beauty, and pop culture)

2. Black Girl Nerds (a true voice for black girls honoring their geeky side)

3. Bougie Black Girl Chronicles (a place for fashion and melanin magic)

4. Happy Black Woman (the educational and business hub for black business women)

Podcasts You Have to Hear

1. My Taught You by Myleik Teele (wisdom and brown girl magic packed into each episode)

2. Therapy for Black Girls by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford (all you need to get through the day)

3. Black Girl Podcast (a dope group of black girls giving it to you straight)

4. Black Girl In Om (meditation, mindfulness and safe spaces)

YouTube Channels You Have to Watch

1. Alyssa Forever (inspiration for hair, beauty, and everything with a brown hue)

2. Chescaleigh (MTV Decoded + everything black you can think of)

3. Feminist Frequency ( the go-to for all things concerning womanhood)

4. Jouelzy (intelligence with a side of commentary on everything "us")


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