Affirmation on Self-Care and Prioritizing Yourself

"Beautiful Brown Girl: Self-care and prioritizing yourself isn't something you have to deserve or earn in order to do it." - Bre


I remember a time, many times in fact, when I felt like I wasn't worthy of something unless I earned it.  As a teen I knew that I wasn't deserving of going to a movie with friends unless I had earned it.  This typically meant I'd ensured my room was clean, the dishes in the sink were washed and put away and all of my homework was done.  I feel that there are times we do need to be worthy of certain things in life, but that isn't what this post is talking about.

What I'm talking about are the feelings you have that say you aren't worth taking care of.  The feelings that you allow to push your needs aside and ignore the warning signs that indicate you are doing way too much without re-investing back into yourself.  

Making yourself a priority isn't something that you need a permission slip for or have to earn by way of doing 50-11 things as proof that you are ready and deserving.  If you feel that you absolutely MUST do something to become worthy I'll give you one thing to do - open your mouth and say "I'm ready."

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