6 Ways to Live Peacefully RIGHT NOW!

Can you use a little more peace in your daily life?  Most of us certainly can!  Being at peace is amazing for your health, allows you to stay focused on what matters and honestly, it just feels incredible.  So, how can we get a little more of that in our lives?  Here are a few things to consider:

Make a choice to change and avoid excuses

"I want to travel more but I could never save up the money." "I want to free up some space in my house but I don't have the time to go through everything." "I should be going to be earlier but my fave show comes on at 10pm."  Do any of these sound familiar?  If you are like me I'll guarantee that you've thought these things or something very similar.  We want to live a life that is more in alignment with who we are at our core but instead of moving down a path that can help get us there we become sidetracked with excuses for why we can't have, do or be what we desire.  If you are ready to live more peacefully decide today that you will do what it takes, even by way of being 1/2 a percent better than you were last week or last month.  This might mean saving $100 a month to finally take that trip or getting up an hour earlier a few times a week to start going through your closets.

Mind who and what you listen to

Can you really be at peace when you are listening to everything and everyone else in the world besides yourself on a regular basis?  I'm going to be honest with you, I've had to eliminate what I watch and listen to DRASTICALLY.  I can't tell you what the latest #1 song is on the charts (I feel old just saying that lol!) or who the current housewives are in Atlanta because I've moved forward with the lifestyle of creating more than I consume.  TV, social media, the news, and the neighbors opinions are all things that can make us feel stressed out and overwhelmed.  Just because everything is available to us doesn't mean it's healthy or positive for us. How can you fully be at peace when every message you encounter tells you to buy more, be more and that you'll never measure up?Make sure that the imagery, sounds and shows you surround yourself with are more for your better good than not. 

Don't let things pile up

Bills, unanswered text messages, necessary conversations you haven't had the time or courage to have.  What do these three things have in common?  They need to be addressed/handled so that you can move on.  Letting things pile up, just like piles of clothes in the middle of your living room, can be super stressful!!  You can't concentrate fully on what you are doing or be at peace because in the back of your mind you know you have unfinished business to handle. The bigger your pile of things left undone the bigger the emotional weight you will carry.  This doesn't mean that you have the money to pay that certain bill right now, or that the conversation you've been avoiding can be resolved with a quick conversation.  It means though that you are aware and are taking steps to get the situation under control by calling the loan company and working out a payment plan or letting hubby know that you aren't ignoring the elephant in the room but you need a little time to process the situation.

Eliminate distractions

This is an oldie but goodie.  The easiest way to reduce your personal peace is to allow yourself to be sidetracked with distractions.  We can do everything under the sun EXCEPT what we should be doing during a certain time.  When it's time to write that paper we decide to vacuum the house instead.  When we should be in the kitchen fixing our lunch for the next day we are in the den binge watching a show while online shopping for things we don't even need right this minute.  Instead of going to bed on time, we decide it makes more sense to pull out a book and read until 11:45pm knowing we have to be up at 5am the next morning.  Distractions can in fact be good but when they consistently lead us to not move forward with life-changing and intentional habits we've got problems.  The more distracted you allow yourself to be the more your peace gets chipped away at until you feel tired, unsettled and unsatisfied with yourself, with others and with life as a whole.  Figure out what your triggers are for distractions and find ways to work through them so that you can stick to your habits.

Watch your attitude

If every other word out of your mouth comes from a source of fear, doubt, lack, jealousy, inferiority, bitterness, ego or anger I can guarantee your life is not one of peace.  I know this because it's something that I too am working on.  If you are complaining more often than not, have zero patience, don't feel like you'll ever be enough or measure up, never can find the good in others and are constantly looking for ways to "be right" instead of dealing with the big picture then you are literally allowing your peace to flow right down the drain of life. Sometimes we absolutely have to put some base in our voice and keep it real.  Other times we need to remind ourselves of how amazing we are and that we deserve what we are going after.  However if you find yourself always in an argumentative/defensive state or you never think you can accomplish the goals you put your mind to then perhaps sis the challenge is you.  Our beliefs and attitudes can block us from the moments of joy and peace we desperately and consistently need. The constant inner turmoil of being in elevated (anger, impatience, ego) and lowered (inferiority, lack) states is physically and emotionally exhausting.


Stop buying things that have zero value or meaning

Keeping up with the Jones' is going to have you stuck.  Stuck in credit card debt, stuck feeling trapped in a job because you have credit card debt, and stuck with a whole bunch of emotional labor you'll be paying everytime you look at the things you bought that you didn't need and/or couldn't afford.  Buying things to fill a void won't make you feel valued or worthy longer than it takes to swipe your card and get it home.  How many times have you bought a new lipstick that you never ended up finishing or a new car that you ended up regretting as soon as you got the first car note in the mail?  I'm raising my hand because I've done it a ton of times unfortunately.  The accumulation of "things" really doesn't matter in the end.  What does matter is the peace you have when your home and mind are clutter free, you aren't in unnecessary debt and you can breathe easier not having to work a job you hate because you've trapped yourself in a situation that could have been avoided.  The next time you are looking to make a purchase try asking yourself how will you feel about this item a week from now?  How about two months from now?  A year?  Had I asked myself these questions and been honest about my answers I would have avoided a ton of headaches.

*Make time for God (bonus for fellow believers)

This is the surest way to infuse peace into your life.  Develop your relationship with God and allow him to carry your burdens as well as worry about tomorrow.  If you put your trust in him and seek daily to find him he will impart the most amazing calm you could ever experience.  When times are uncertain it's super easy to become stressed out, worrying about the great "what if."  God has already worked out whatever it is you need.  It's up to you to lean on him and believe that he will provide and protect.  He will handle the rest as well as lead you to do things in his perfect will on his time (not yours).    


Did any of this list resonate with you?  Are there other things you would have added to the list?  Write in the comments below and let me know.

Thanks for prioritizing yourself,



  • Erica

    Yes it all resonated with me because I do believe we have to change habits to get positive results and it’s easier said than done but anything that’s going to better you as a person your gonna have to put the work in. Thanks

  • Patricia

    It all resonated with me, but especially making a choicento change and doing the work. No excuses. Drastically eliminating what I listen to and read has been a game changer as well as minding my mind-my thoughts and attitudes no matter the situation. I try to remember what the Word says about me and God’s love and care for me and focus on that.

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