5 New Ways to Stay Sexy With No Gym

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As we go through daily life, we don’t always realize all the mini-moments that we miss for self-care. We should be exercising, we should be taking time for quiet moments, we should be eating right - there’s so much to be done. Realistically speaking, we can’t always take time out to go to the gym or spend money on a nutritionist, but what if there were small things that we could do? I’ve found a few tricks to help me squeeze in time for me, without stopping the flow of my day. 
1 -  Naked Stretches: 
I know - it sounds crazy. Building confidence starts with facing our current selves and making mental room for our future improvements. Doing a few stretches in the nude allows us to bond with our flesh and get to know our bodies.You may be surprised how many of us aren’t familiar with our own skin.
To start, stand with your feet shoulder width apart, with your feet planted firmly on the floor. Raise your arms towards the sky, inhale deeply and extend your spine as much as you comfortably can. Exhale slowly as you reach down towards your toes. Hold this pose for ten seconds, then release and start again. One set of ten can make a huge difference. 
2 -  Dance in the Car:
Car rides are my moments of solitude, especially as someone who works with humans all day and tends to my children after. It’s my time to listen to songs with curses, twerk to the latest tune and rap my favorite verses with all of Drake’s confidence. Take this time to select your favorite playlist, sing at the top of your lungs and get your endorphins (the happy hormones) flowing. Choose songs according to your mood, and I never stop singing at stop lights. You may just take a bad day and turn it around on the drive home.
3 - Sip Tea:
Some of us love hot tea in the metaphorical sense - but how about actually drinking it? Natural teas have many benefits to the body that we can all use to help our health. For example, teas like green or Black are high in caffeine and antioxidants. Valerian tea and Passionflower help with nerves and anxiety. If you're looking to de-stress, try a warm cup of ginseng or peppermint. The mood-affecting perks are in addition to the health benefits that have been enjoyed by our ancestors for centuries.
4 - Compliment One Feature a Day:
What's one feature about yourself that you like? Is it your warm smile? Your ability to make people laugh?  Take a moment and reflect on just one characteristic today. Think about why it makes you unique and how you can use it to help someone else today. Someone complimented my skin today, and I introduced her to the wonders of toner to help shrink her pores. A simple conversation made two of us happy. 
5 -  Laugh More (target abdominals):
A genuinely happy laugh can physically improve your mood and outlook on the day. When we Express happiness, our bodies release a chemical called oxytocin that relaxes the nerves and helps us feel good. Try to do something that makes you laugh - I enjoy a good podcast in the morning like Drink Champs or the Breakfast Club. Sometimes, I'll play back my own tipsy pstirecordings on The VWord to get a quick chuckle in. Engaging your core (abdominal muscles) not only helps lighten your mood - it can serve as light exercise if done throughout the day.
If you wonder why happier people appear younger looking - think about how the body rewards us for good vibes. 
What small acts can you do today to keep your sexy up?
Kimi  Levadge
You can keep up with our resident natural and medicinal sex health coach by following her on the gram.

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