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30 Days of Self-Care: Day 7 - Have a Good "Kee-Kee"

Posted on April 09 2019

30 Days of Self-Care: Day 7 - Have a Good "Kee-Kee"

Decided to chill a bit today and not do anything too heavy.  Actually, I wanted to do something that lifted my spirits as well as my daughters, who has been a little under the weather for the last day or so.  Laughter is a great way to relieve stress, fight sickness and work out your belly muscles so what better way to do that than watch something funny on tv?

We watch shows together on Hulu and Netflix which amazes me because I don't like a lot of the stuff the kids watch these days (On My Block??  WTH is that?) and she wouldn't dare watch some of the shows I enjoy like Queen Sugar or This is Us because they are "boring".  Our last series was The Office which we've watched in full a couple of times plus we also enjoy Black-ish, Stranger Things and even Teen Titans Go (don't ask).  

We needed to find a show, common ground if you will, that neither of us had seen before.  It was time to find a new show for us to kee-kee over and so this evening we decided to check out Superstore on Hulu.  Superstore kept coming up as a suggestion for some time now but it didn't look funny based off the little snippet I saw previously.  Today I decided to give it a chance and I'm glad I did because it's HILARIOUS!!!  It totally has the same vibe of The Office.  It's as if they took that show, plopped it into a Walmart store and pressed record. Not the most original concept but it works for me. 

My daughter and I sat down to watch and ended up finishing about 6 episodes in no time.  We laughed and talked about which Cloud 9 employees represent Dunder Mifflin employees (Dina is definitely Dwight Schrute smh).  Now we have a new show to binge watch together and that makes me very happy.  To be able to laugh and connect with my child like this means the world to me as corny as it sounds.  

So how did I do today?

  • Cost - $0 unless you want to get technical about the Hulu subscription and Wifi that was used.
  • Time - A few hours
  • Results - Bonded with my daughter over many belly laughs which made me feel really good.

Have you checked out Superstore?  Am I the only person in America that watches this?

Bre the Self-Care Pusher

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