30 Days of Self-Care: Day 6 - Clean Out My Purse

A couple of weeks ago I traveled to Florida for a conference.  Yep, of all the things I'd love to travel to Florida for, sitting at a loud conference for work wasn't one of them. Imagine me cramped in a middle seat on American Airlines next to a 50 pound pit bull on the way there and then in front of rowdy children plus some guy that kept farting on the flight returning home.  Fun times!

Anyway, I had organized my purse in anticipation of the trip because there is nothing I hate more than fumbling to find my hand sanitizer, ID, cell phone or snacks when I have other things more important to worry about, like keeping my eyes peeled for alligators in the local Florida Walmart.  No, I didn't see one but the way the news is set up I was surprised there weren't any at the checkout counter ringing folks up.

I made it back home but maybe a few days later I had to admit to myself that my purse life was indeed a hot mess.

Empty Hot Tamale wrappers, socks for the airport, receipts, pens and anything else you could likely think of ended up being tossed in my bag which after a point made it hard to function.  Guess what that means - STRESS!!!

To alleviate that I took some time to get my life by reorganizing my bag.  The one I've been carrying these days is the Landon Carryall in Medium by Dagne Dover.  This bag makes it really easy for me to stay organized with it's handy key ring holder, mesh storage pockets inside the bag as well as a place to slip your cell phone right on the outside of the purse.  This bag has a place for everything I carry with me on a daily basis, including my iPad as well as my Swell 15oz water bottle and journal (not shown here). 

 Alright, here are the stats for today:

  • Cost - Nada!
  • Time - 15 Minutes
  • Results - I no longer feel uptight or discombobulated because I know where everything is in my purse.

 If you are looking for a quick win on this challenge give cleaning out your purse a try.  Your inner organizer will thank you for it.

Bre the Self-Care Pusher

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