30 Days of Self-Care: Day 5 - Prep Vitamins for the Week

Raise your hands if you take your vitamins religiously, as in your never skip a day.  Alright, put your hands down and stop bragging, LOL!  This post is for those of us that conveniently forget to take our vitamins everyday.  Some of us may not take vitamins at all and if that is you I'd like to offer a gentle suggestion that you dig a little deeper online and with your doctor to ensure you aren't lacking any necessary nutrients in your diet (just to be safe).

I realize that I could do better, much better in fact, with making sure I take my vitamins everyday.  Because I was blessed (sarcasm) with anemia and other minor things I understand just how important it is to stay on top of my vitamin regimen especially because I don't always eat the way I'd like to (I'm working on this!!).  

I currently take Grassfed Beef Liver Capsules (when I can tell my iron levels are down), a gummy multi-vitamin and Claritin.  The liver capsules help with energy, iron levels, copper, zinc and several vitamins.  I must stress that I DON'T take these liver pills the same day that I take the multi-vitamin.  When I get up in the morning I decide which of the two I will take and it really just depends on how I feel, if I'm on my period (or it's coming up), etc.  Again, I DO NOT take the multi and the liver capsules on the same day.  That would be overkill. 

The Claritin helps keep sore throats, sinus pressure and headaches away that are brought on by seasonal allergies.

I popped everything into my seven day pill case and threw the case in my bag.  Doing it this way keeps me on track with zero excuses.  I'm in and out of my bag all day everyday so it works for me.

Alright, let's look at the stats:

Here's where I ended up today (note I'm now adding how I feel as well):

  • Cost - Depends upon your vitamin/health needs.
  • Time - A couple of minutes.
  • Results - I have more energy and feel great when I keep with my regimen plus I don't deal with as many sore throats during allergy season.

In case you are wondering, the pill holder was located at Target as well as the Olly Multi, the Claritin can be found anywhere and I got the liver capsules from Amazon.

If you'd like support during your own personal challenge be sure to post your pics on IG using "#browngirlsdoselfcare" so that I can cheer you on.

Bre the Self-Care Pusher

ps - Did you have a chance to read up on the results of my 30 day candy fast?

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  • Rolanda

    I wrestle with this same issue. And if I allow enough time to pass, I’ll stop taking them altogether and begin to feel like a zombie. I’ll try this method myself and see if this helps! Thanks!

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