30 Days of Self-Care: Day 4 - Get Fake Nails

Alright, I already know what you're thinking - "Getting your nails done is not self-care".  It's a common practice for many of us to head to the nail shop 1-2 x a month and offer up our hands, feet, even brows and mustaches in some cases, to someone that can buff, wax, scrub, file and polish us until we feel semi-human again.  This is what it means to me to get my nails done.  I feel more human, and honestly more attractive, when I have been primped. 

I don't get my nails done often, at least not a full set of fake ones.  If I go to the nail shop I usually get a gel polish mani and while that is nice it doesn't fulfill the occasional itch I get to have "impractical" nails.  Gel nails never leave me with the feeling of "yaaaaassss" that fake nails can.  Can you feel me on that?

Impractical for me means any length outside of super short.  I do a lot with my hands, the biggest thing being typing every single day, and longish nails can make that challenging.  So I sacrifice length that I crave for functionality.  This is why getting a fake set of nails was super rewarding today.  I haven't had long dramatic nails for at least a year and I wanted to step outside of my norm and do something that would make me feel girly and cute.  Sue me!

Some of y'all are scratching your heads and/or laughing at me right now saying these nails aren't long, lol.  Listen Linda, listen, I know they aren't.  My teen rolls her eyes every time I let me nails grow out even a fraction longer than I normally allow and then tell her "look how long my nails are."  The struggle.

I plan on keeping these nails for at least a month, maybe even longer, but if 2-3 weeks from now I go to the nail shop for a fill and it feels like a chore I may decide to take them off.  You see, I don't want to do extra stuff that feels like a chore or something I have to do either.  So that's a whole nother self-care issue for me.  Yes, I am a complicated yet simple woman.  I know that some of y'all can feel me on that!

Here's where I ended up today (note I'm now adding how I feel as well):

  • Cost - $35 including tip
  • Time - About an hour
  • Results - I feel super fancy and special.  I want to now hold wine glasses and flair my hands around in exaggerated ways.

Tomorrow is Day 5 of the challenge.  How have things been going so far?  Any great takeaways?  I want you to know that I can't respond to comments on the blog (my theme doesn't allow it) but I read every single one.  You can also write me at connect@browngirlselfcare.com.

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