30 Days of Self-Care: Day 2 - Make My Bed

Day 2 of the self-care challenge was honestly a no brainer for me.  I made my bed.  The mornings that I do this really start my day off the right way.  It's like I accomplished something major even if the rest of my room happens to be a hot mess at the time.  I don't make my bed every morning because well, honestly sometimes a sistah is running late or I just don't want to be bothered.  But I'm here to tell you that there is something quite delightful about coming home and sliding myself into a made bed at the end of a long day.  

Because a part of this challenge hinges upon two things that we value (how much money it costs and how much time it takes) I want to include a quick summart at the end of each post.  Here is where I ended up today:

  • Cost - FREE!
  • Time - Less than ten minutes

Day two is in the bag and I'm riding a self-care high!

How are you doing so far?  I have already heard from several women that decided to do their own challenge and they are coming up with great goals.  Here are a few:

Clara's list includes having a lunch and movie date alone.

Simone is cleaning out the trunk of her car.

Chaunta plans on getting in some "ratchet" tv time.

Also, more emails have come in with women raising their hands and jumping into the challenge with me.  Hey, Cortrell, Zenia, KL, Victoria and Nedra!!

So let's check in.  How did you do today?  Did day two go as expected?  One thing we aren't going to do is develop a case of the "should haves."  If you weren't able to get it in today make some time tomorrow.  See you soon for day three.


Self-Care Pusher

PS - If you missed day one (read it here) you can still start right now.  It's never too late!


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  • Britt Mckinney

    self care is go to a infrared sauna session. I have been so out of tune with myself and I came across your podcast trying to find ways to get back in tune with myself it has been a slow journey but coming across the black girl self care I’m really starting to feel a little better.

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