1 Easy Hack to Eliminate Distractions

When we are on deadlines to get tasks completed, or need a few minutes (or a few hours) to take some time to ourselves, there is nothing worse than phone calls, text messages and random notifications distracting and pulling us away from what we are intentional about doing.  

Sis, there is something you can do, that takes all of 15 seconds, to get some time back into your day immediately.  This hack is super simple but rarely do we think to do it.  The solution?  Place your phone on airplane mode.  Again, it sounds simple enough but are we taking advantage of it?  I'd guess we don't and it's likely due to guilt.  We want to always be available even during times where focus, concentration and the need to be still are imperative.  Also, there may be people in our lives that feel we should never not be available to them which is not only draining but it's also an unhealthy attitude. 

Depending upon your circumstances you may feel better about using airplane mode during specific times of the day or night.  For example, if you have children in school or daycare you may want to be available at all times during the day but decide to go on airplane mode for an hour during dinnertime.  Or, you may decide to turn your phone on airplane mode 3 times a week while you are in spin class so you aren't tempted to respond to email messages and instead focus on strengthening your body.  

One thing that may be helpful is for you to set boundaries and let the people important to you know that you will be using airplane mode during certain times and why.  Once our friends and family are aware it makes it easier for them to respect our boundaries.  Don't shy away from having those conversations!!  It is ok for you to enforce times in your day/week where you are unavailable for a little while and that you aren't a problem solver at all times (minus of course true emergency situations).

Really there is no one "right" way to use this feature.  How and when it's applied will vary from woman to woman however the benefit is still the same: more valuable time to recharge your battery plus the ability to get things done that matter, in relative peace.  

Are you using airplane mode on your phone on a regular basis?

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Thank you for prioritizing yourself,


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